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Mallorca & Sóller (northwestcoast)

Soller is an attractive town on Mallorca’s north-west Coast. Situated some 3 Km. inland from its port, Port de Sóller.  The town lies in a large fertile bowl-shaped valley and shares its valley with the village of Fornalutx and the hamlet of Biniaraix. 

The combined population is around 12,000, and the valley is famous for its orange groves and terraces of ancient olive trees. The village of Deia is just down the coast.

Soller and the port are about half an hour’s drive from Palma Airport and have good connections with railway, tram and bus services.


The valley and its surrounding mountain range, the Serra de Tramuntana, is a favourite destination for people from all over the world, especially those who enjoy walking, nature, ecotourism, swimming or simply a peaceful rest away from the hustle and bustle of the better-known tourist traps.

The stunning combination of mountains and sea, traditional houses with their sandy stone facades and the fertile land account for the magic of this place. It’s not without reason that the area around Soller, with its mountains and harbour and the northwest coast from Deia to Valldemossa ranks among the most sought-after and most expensive real estate locations on the island. It is not only the beauty of nature however that makes Sóller so attractive.

The coastline has never been overbuilt thanks to its rocky and steep  formation and remains unspoiled. The mountains and natural harbour of Sóller never offered enough space for
uncontrolled growth and protective building regulations have been strictly enforced. There are very few plots for sale, leaving the current market limited to existing structures. Mostly available is property needing extensive and expensive repair, or newly-renovated properties that change hands at a considerably higher price.

Local Attractions

The small town of Soller has a unique charm with its grand, shady Plaza Constitución and small narrow streets. One of the main attractions is certainly the journey on the historic train from Palma to Sóller and a ride in the open trams connecting Sóller with the harbour every 15 minutes.

An advantage of Sóller’s location is its proximity to Palma, which can be reached comfortably in 25 minutes, thanks to the completion on the Palma-Soller tunnel. Furthermore, Sóller offers all the amenities of a vibrant town: shopping facilities, schools, and cultural diversity and nightlife.

Restaurants, shops and most village hotels stay open all year and those who prefer to do without a car can easily get around by tram and the train. Nature lovers can enjoy the surrounding mountains as well as the nearby sea and beach.

Clearly the northwest coast has much to offer. While it lacks large sandy beaches, it has plenty of unspoilt nature, picturesque villages, top-class restaurants and finca hotels, culture and, most
importantly, the character and beauty of the original Mallorca.


Traditional food is being rediscovered in the Balearics which varies from island to island, but reflects the cuisine of Catalonia with its combination of sweet and savoury. 

Pork is a main ingredient and Langosta a la parrilla partners spiny lobster with the local home made mayonnaise.  Do try an ensaimada (a spiral shaped yeast bun) with your morning coffee.

Mallorca enjoys a typical Mediterranean weather, with mild winters and hot summers. During the months of July and August, the weather is hot and beautifully sunny, boasting around 11 hours of sun daily. During the winter you can enjoy fine, mild weather on most days.